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Pitching for Polka Dots is all about helping freelancers who hold marginalized identities succeed in an industry that’s basically designed to keep us out.

The name comes from that thing some white folks like to say about how they were “raised to treat everyone equally, whether they’re Black, white, or polka-dotted!” (A fun phrase from the masterminds behind, “we just hire the most qualified candidate for the job.”)

Obviously, if our industry actually treated people equally, there would be more Polka Dots calling the editorial shots, more stories by underrepresented writers, and more pay parity across genders and identities.

That’s the dream. But even in our current reality, you, dear Polka Dot, can tell your unique stories and get paid well for doing so — if you know how to pitch them.

Pitching for Polka Dots will include pitches I’ve used to land big bylines — in Bon Appetit, National Geographic, Nature, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and more — and make 50 cents to $1 per word for most of my assignments.

You can also expect a few random rants, pitching advice from my editors, and tips from Brad — a mediocre white guy (and a figment of my imagination) who helps me negotiate higher rates.

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